Monday, March 14, 2011

Lego Anyone?

Yesterday, i met a seller from untuk beli loose 2 keychain Lego Star Wars and 2 loose figure. Cheap one indeed, rm40.00...Found it secara tak sengaja... yang bestnya  i like Star Wars, so buying this like kena jackpot as it is Lego and super cheap maaaa...
All this for indeed for a 4 lego figures!

Keychain from Star Wars! Left is Boba Feet and right is Clone Trooper Rex (If not mistaken). Neatkan?
“Hey presto, abracadabbra!”
Mana nak dapat dengan harga ni... even in ebay. So grab, if you found anything cheap, buy. If not, within minutes, somebody else grab it. You? Meloponglah jawabnya.

A day before i bought this from ebay seller, Robot Heroes G1 Ultra magnus dan Jazz. Siap dengan biocard. Harga rm15.00.

Jazz is on your left and Ultra Magnus beside him. Figures from Robot Heroes G1 series.

Murah bukan? Just for display dan main-main saja. Tak payah beli mahal atau beli, then keep it in box-buang masa namanya. Just have fun with it. Nama pun toys, so play with it...Kepada both sellers, if you read this, many thanks!

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