Thursday, May 5, 2011

Date with MUFC vs Barcalona on May 28th---UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE---

Done and dusted. Now, finale at Wembley.
Manchester Unted will face Barcalona on May 28th.

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Adakah sejarah 2009, kalah di tangan Barcalona akan berulang? HOPE NOT!
Man United akan menggunakan "away kit" (putih) di Wembley, dan kalau tak silap, hanya sekali saja Man United menang menggunakan kit putih pada 1991. Mostly menang pakai "home kit", merah. Nama pun "Red devil". Hopefully, they can overcome Barcelona at Wembley.

Kalah di Rome, 2-0 jaringan E'to dan Messi.
"I don't think we should be going there lacking in confidence, Barcelona's form in Europe has been very good this season; we're playing a fantastic team, but we can't be frightened out of our skins because of that. Their form is there for everyone to see; our job is to find a solution to playing against them.A final at Wembley should represent the qualities in history and tradition at both clubs. Certainly it should be a good game.
-Sir Alex Ferguson, United manager
Next stop, Chelsea at Home this Sunday 8hb May (11.10 mlm waktu tempatan), menang keatas Chelsea, cerahlah untuk rangkul kejuaraan ke-19, mengatasi Liverpool.

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